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As Australia’s leading discount variety store, our mission is to help all Australians save money every day.

Our real estate partners are a crucial part of this mission. That’s because the location of our stores is a vital ingredient in guaranteeing our success as we continue to grow our network of stores all across Australia.

To continue offering our customers convenience and savings, we’re always on the lookout for great locations and awesome real estate partners.

Our Property Requirements

  • Store sizes range from 450-550sqm GLA
  • Ideal store size 500sqm GLA with 12 metre frontage
  • Co-located with everyday retailers – supermarket, pharmacy, food.
  • Multiple signage locations required
  • Stores to be located for all Australians to access easily

Type of Real Estate

  • Freestanding, Neighbourhood and Sub-Regional Centres
  • Metropolitan and Regional locations
  • Strong retail precinct, easy access and parking
  • Shopping Centres with high traffic numbers
  • Prominent signage on building, in-centre and pylons Stores to have rear loading for rigid vehicle access.

To discuss more about our requirements, please contact Paul Rose (General Manager - Property) on 0408 610 434